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“A highly legitimate, SEO friendly directory submission service which can greatly benefit the day to day function of your website”

A highly legitimate, high quality directory submission service

Fresco Creative have a manual directory submission service, putting in place high quality links back to your website. Our immediate interest is improving the ranking(s) of your website in major search engines.

A directory provides static one-way links to other websites, listing them by category and subcategory improving link popularity and site rankings in all the major search engines. This depends on the nature of the website rather than one page or a set of keywords. Certain websites review each submission, evaluating its quality and relevance. Should there be a human editor, the directory will very likely hold a greater deal of relevance as to how well it ranks in google.

This is a highly legitimate, SEO friendly service which can greatly benefit the day to day function of your website. Manual directory submission is crucial as a link building method. It must be remembered that directories generate traffic via direct referrals. The more directory listings a website has, the more traffic and rankings it will therefore receive.

Taking up our manual directory submission service will save you a great deal of time and money both short and long term. We have a highly professional, extensive understanding as to how directories work and ensure your website is submitted properly. We will ensure your website is listed in all of the top SEO friendly web directories.

Directory submission? why you should reap the benefits..

Why use Fresco Creative for your directory submission campaign?

– Permanent, one way, high quality directory submissions working for you long-term

– Manual directory submission: we invest our time, using no automated software at any time

– We build links naturally, with a step by step technique in doing so

– We use high quality 100% SEO friendly directories only

– Our methods are highly measurable and trackable

– Submission to only high quality, legitimate directories

– None of our directory submission is outsourced. Everything is done in-house, enabling constant one to one communciation

Qualities we look for during any directory submission campaign

– Do the category pages carry with the backlinks?

– Do the webmasters look at them as having a good reputation?

– What is the quality of the category pages? are they clear and concise? (titles, layout etc)

– Do the webmasters approve of the directory in question?

– Does the directory refine the listings? This ensures the directory lists high quality websites only

– Is a clear quality control policy in place?

– Does the directory have ad revenue? This says as to how desirable the site is for advertising/advertisers

Additional benefits to directory submission :-

– Additional and targeted, relevant traffic

– One way links to your website / quality backlinks

– Improved / high google page rank score

– Improved, better quality search results

– Improved visibility in all the major search engines such as google and yahoo