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Magento solutions to benefit businesses in Shepton Mallet

Magento has become in recent times the best open source ecommerce system for companies intent on trading online. Magento Ecommerce offers a premium quality ecommerce platform which today is used successfully by over 200,000 online stores. This is a scalable platform which offers a great variety of options, functionality-wise and the perfect platform from which to get your business online, with the prediction that right now, 1 in 4 purchases made in the UK will be made through the internet.

The software enables the site owner an easy administration set up from which they can create, connect and control every aspect of their online profile. Owners can create and display new content, connect with the outside world through plugins such as the live-chat function and they can control the SEO functionality in line with their exacting business requirements.

Overall, Magento literally functions like an online CRM from which you manage literally every aspect of your online store’s representation. This can add value to people shopping on your website and to website owners looking to constantly improve the user experience and sales generated from their website. Once you have sold through Magento Ecommerce, the platform also enables you to stay in touch with your customers through the facility of being able to implement advanced triggered email campaigns.

Magento Development offers optimal performance and in turn provides both backend and frontend functionality to optimise marketing and administration to in turn enhance the ability to which you can grow your sales online. These are both aspects which can dramatically enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

With the importance of generating sufficient sales online, we can additionally provide digital marketing services and the necessary copy to drive traffic. If this may be of interest or you may have a requirement for any related ecommerce / online services, we have a service offering to ensure you get the most from your Magento platform.

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