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Mobile Website Solutions in London

With consumers ever increasing using smartphones on a daily basis, businesses have a great dependency on advertising effectively on the web. Having a correct and compliant mobile version of your website can nowadays make or break conversion as more and more consumers roam online via handheld devices and similarly, tablet devices.

We can help businesses large and small, from blue chip companies to small independent businesses with their mobile web presence. We can work stringently in enabling businesses to have easy to use and navigate Mobile Web Solutions which can allow them to continually convert visitors into customers and more crucially, sales via the use of any mobile device.

Please note it is not just Mobile Web Apps we can offer. We can also develop mobile apps to compliment any mobile web development requirements you may have.

Great reasons to invest in Mobile Website Apps

The majority of websites are developed to operate on a PC or laptop and often carry the same resolution when showing on a smaller screen. This can instantly hamper the legiblity of text, requiring the user zoom in to read the website; often resulting in the visitor logging out of the website to go elsewhere.

Mobile Websites are specifically designed to fit a smaller screen resolution, with easy navigation, well configured easy to use contact pages and pages which relay information back to the user in an efficient way, with a design consistent with your branding and well adapted to the size of screen.

Mobile Web Solutions – Advantages

If you are in the stages of considering the process to making your current website or developing a new website from scratch in being mobile-friendly, here are the key advantages to remember:

  • Enhanced user experience. So often websites developed in consideration of visitors browsing from PC devices can represent key information in a jumbled manner when compressed and viewed via mobile devices. Jumbled information can and does often prove to cause visitors to abandon the page and take their custom elsewhere. Having a mobile website can be a great way of ensuring you are ahead of your competition.
  • Increased visitor interest and time spent on the website. As with any form of design, the key is making a great first impression. There is a high chance mobile web visitors will be conducting their search whilst out and about on the go. If the pages are legible, easy to navigate and mobile optimized, visitors will not feel obliged to browse elsewhere for what they are looking for.
  • Faster loading speed. Loading speed is greatly important and on the web, people want immediate answers and results to their queries typed into the search engine. Websites which aren’t developed for mobile use will operate and load very slowly and may not even load at all. Mobile compliant websites will however work most effectively as they will have been coded correctly; after all visitors will go elsewhere if they have to wait more than a 6-10 second timeframe.
  • Enhanced Mobile SEO rankings. Current Google Guidelines recommend websites are built to be as responsive as possible. If the website may have originally been built in HTML, an alternative recommendation is to develop a separate, mobile-friendly version. Taking these precautions will enable you to achieve great mobile SEO results.
  • Great opportunity of benchmark ahead of competitors. If you website IS developed and optimized for mobile use you can be enabled an instant way of being able to stand out against your competitors. For any business, regardless of industry type, take a look at your competitiom, see if they have a mobile-compatible website and consider how much business you may be loosing through not being mobile compatible yourself.

With a general shift in the ways people connect and communicate online, consider the advantages of having a mobile website and how bespoke mobile websites may be able to enhance your sales and enquiries to your business.

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