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Social Media Dorking – to enable an enhanced style of communication and presence with the stakeholders close to your business

At Fresco Creative we make it our interest to provide our clients with cost effective social media communicaton strategies to which they can communicate with current and prospective new followers. We help businesses large and small in helping them to engage and communicate with their immediate audience via the major social media channels. This includes channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest as well as some of the lesser known websites.

Social Media Company Dorking

Serving businesses in the Dorking area, we can offer full consultancy upon running a new or current campaign to get an understanding as to how you can better channel your brand to a larger audience more effectively. Services related to this additionally include strategic planning, training and monitoring / reviewing a campaign as it becomes more developed online.

We value the importance of research and in doing so make sure your channels are communicating the right conversations with the right audience. We do this taking into account your brand, products and / or services and more crucially, your competitors and market sector. As part of the social media management we can provide, we also take time to run an analysis of your competitors to make sure your campaign can match and better the efforts of other rival businesses in your sector.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We specifically PARTNER and ALIGN with businesses in a dedicated manner, making sure their communications are attended to at all times to a very high standard. We simply help them harness the full potential of social channels and work as a key component to a business is helping them reach out and gain more visibility.

Feel free to contact us for Social Media Marketing services in Dorking and speak through you requirements today. Contact Innes Donaldson direct on 07878624798 and please let us know how we may be able to help you with your social media requirements in greater detail.