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Google maps and local business center (search) optimisation

Google now blends local business results amongst standard results when you perform a search. This feature is vital so your business is listed in the local maps and local business center. If you’re not listed then your competitiors will grab your business.

Local search engine optimisation includes two key components; ranking better on the local search instance of major search engines (google) and ranking better on local map based listings (eg. Gooogle Maps).

For £250 we will set up and register your business with google maps and the local business center service. We’ll also prepare and optimise your information so your business appears top in the local search results. This will be linked with a google analytics account so you can monitor your websites traffic and ensure the best keyword matches for your local search.

Our Google maps / local business center service in greater detail..

What does the google local business center service include ?

– Your unique google account

– Your company listed with google maps

– Your company listed with google local business center

– Your company details optimised for the best keywords

– New categories created specific to your business

What does the webmaster account include ?

– Setup with google’s webmaster centre

– Geographic targetting for your websites domain

– Your preferred domain to set to search on www / non www

– Your sitemap uploaded and verified

Advantages of our google local business center service

– It allows local customers to see your business exists

– It serves as an online brochure enticing customers to your service or establishment

– It enables customers key information such as address, opening hours, prices etc before or after requesting your services

– Interested web browsers usually follow up via visit or phone call

– It enables local businesses to survive against the giants in their industry

– Its complicated algorithms encourage relevant search results in sync with the needs of the searchers who are using local search platforms.

Google local is a revolution in the field of local online marketing and is the ideal platform for local businesses to take advantage of targeted, sophisticated, savvy buyers who are ready to spend money.

– Up to 3.5 as many UK searches used google.co.uk than google.com. Of these, 35-45 % check the “pages from the UK” to filtratre their search results

– Seperately, why google local business center is important..

– Not every business works in a national or international arena. Targetted / relevant traffic is essential

– Companies in a specific geographical area can target a more targetted local audience

– The market is there for the taking. Half of all consumers use the internet instead of the phone book

– Local SEO can give you an immediate foothold over your competitors