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Competitor Website SEO Audit Report Service

Do your keyword rankings offer high visibility and a fair chance of converting prospects into sales?
Have you disappeared from the search engines altogether?
Is your competition consistently ranked higher than you?
Are you attract visitors but failing to convert them?
Are you planning to run an internet marketing campaign in the near future?
Do you want your website to generate better ROI?

Fresco Creative provide a high quality, professional SEO Audit service. This is ideal for companies wishing to perform optimisation for individuals and for companies facing difficulties ranking in search engines who would like to develop and enhance their online presence. Likewise, we will invest time to identify and assess your strengths and weaknesses which will highlight both opportunities and current weaknesses you may have.

What our SEO audit entails

Our SEO audit provides an analysis of your current website and specific recommendations to improve your website’s ranking in all the major search engines. It is a fully comprehensive report covering a detailed competitor analysis. It looks at everything from marketing to the coding within a competitor website, all in a language that is easy to understand.

This is not a report carried out in the form of a generic template; it goes as thorough as it needs to be. The report serves the purpose to provide a step by step instruction on how best we shall be able to take your website forward for you.

What our SEO audit will do for you ..

Information within our SEO audit will include :-

– Benchmark report

i.e. where you stand against your competitors on the search engines

– Validation report

An examination of valid markup / html coding

– Keyword report

Do you have in place the most correct and relevant keywords ?

– Web page optimisation SEO report

Information included within our Web page optimisation SEO report :-

– Semantics tags

Are the sematic tags correct throughout ?

– Landing page analysis

– Calls to action analysis

– Browser viewpoint report to asses whether the pages are designed to capture the users before the fold

– Content analysis / report

– Black hat report to assess the legitimacy of the methods in use

– Geotargetting recommendations

– Local search report

– Link analysis report

i.e. the number of links and where they have been registered to.

– Market / niche evaluation