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A highly legitimate, highly relevant seo blog commenting service to suit your business

Our blog commenting service will see us submit comments linked back to your website from blogs of various specialisms. All of the blog comments we submit are approved, guided by the fact they are 100% genuine and spam free. Instantly, the blog comments are available to search engines for indexing and tracking back links. Likewise, we then track the progress in the form of a report, highlighting the rate at which the links are built (submitted) to your direct landing pages. A major advantage we have is the fact you can cross check linking pages and live links. We see this as a major element in advancing your seo campaign.

As a blog commenting service, this is 100% manual by ourselves. There is no use of automated software; we therefore have full control of how your campaign is run. The links manually submitted by blog commenting are embedded cautiously to ensure they work proactively within your overall seo / link building campaign and won’t be rejected. Every word we submit is considered to ensure you have in place a good representation. Each blog comment will have at least 15 words and where possible we will anchor link your keywords of relevance.

As with all aspects of any well undertaken SEO campaign, we will post the most relevant comments to the most relevant blog sources. The blog comments we make will both look and read well for all concerned. Blog commenting is not about making random comments and leaving links. Likewise, commenting “Great post, really enjoyed reading this” will do very little in the long term and carry very little value. We use only the most tried, tested and approved techniques.

Our approach to blog commenting is that we will do all we can to leave comments that sound correct and valuable to blog discussions taking place. We will comment in only the highest quality blogs which will give you high quality links back to your website. Relevant blogs and relevant content is invaluable. Likewise, we view blog commenting as an invaluable means to generating considerable traffic back to your website via the links found where the comments have been posted from.