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With relevance to your on page optimisation, it is important as to how high the quality of your content is. It needs to be interesting and informative. This is important for both site visitors and the search engines. Your website has to be unique to your visitors. There is no value in having a website with no compellingness or useful information.

There are many great websites however if you want to be competitively placed, compete on quality. Black hat SEO techniques only work for the short term and are incorrect. You should work with a long-term mindset and objective in mind. We work creatively, ensuring your results make you THE competition. We won’t put your website at risk of being de-listed from the major search engines.

To have an effective online web presence, you need to be relevant; this is what you will be ranked on. Article submission is a great way to put in place content both compelling and up to date. Long term this is a great way to establish a strong site profile and strong relevant traffic and conversions. A poor presence can see you drop off the search engines, jeopardising your opportunities and investment.

Seperately, a well written, interesting and informative article will generate interest and leave a good impression. This is a major component of content-based search engine optimisation. This is where organic SEO has a much more prominent value than PPC advertising. A good article is a great way to portray your expertise, rather than direct sales pitches.

If your content doesn’t stand up your campaign will fall apart. When you draw interest through your content, people will follow you and take note of what you have to say. Site browsers love to connect with and recommend quality content. Quality copy can add value and make you stand out (uniqueness). The copy has to impress and inspire; this will get you results. Any website owner should ensure they have this, coupled with good inbound links going back to their website.

As a reliable component of search engine optimisation, well optimised articles will stay online longer than press releases. Their value lies in boosting search engine rankings, establishing new prospects and delivering targetted, high quality traffic.

An article submission campaign can be run via actual article websites, being submitted to appropriate media sources. High quality articles will be received by recipient sites. It is therefore essential to prepare / draft articles in a highly professional way. Keyword usage must in place as with preparing high quality web pages; titles, subtitles, body copy and the back end of the pages must all be well prepared. Articles can also provide site content and embedded links, linking to information contained within the articles. The optimisation aspect to this outlines the relationship between the content and the keywords / key phrases. Winning the admiration of other respected sites can enhance the search engine ranking by linking to you through your articles. Genuine authority sites will only link with sites with a mutual authority.