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An SEO On Page Optimisation service for you to target prospective customers

Web page optimisation, often a follow on process of SEO keyword research, also known as on-page optimisation, is the process of coding / preparing pages of your website to adhere to the guidelines of the search engine you wish to target.

‘On page’ simply refers to the text and content of your web pages. In short, editing your page and content so the search engine can find your web page when a searcher is searching for your websites particular topic.

On Page Search Engine Optimisation has been around for the longest, since the beginning of search engines. Search engines used simpler, less sophisticated technology a few years ago and the world wide web was a lot smaller.

At the time, ‘on page’ SEO worked years ago, and it was basically an easy comparison. As the world wide web grew larger and larger it became more difficult for search engines to differentiate between your site and other sites. As a result, off page optimisation (link building) has grown as the search engines have become more complexed.

On Page Optimisation service in more detail..

The key elements of On Page Optimisation

– Page title optimisation

– Meta description tag optimisation

– Geotargetting tags for local search – address tags etc

– Sematic tags – H1, H2, H3, H4 with placement of key words / phrases etc

– Anchor text links with keyword / phrase

– Keyword density

– Keyword / phrase in alt image tags

– XML sitemap creation

– Robots.txt creation

Webmaster site registration services; what we will do for you

– Create new google account

– Set up webmaster tools account

– Set geotargetting information

– Submit XML sitemap to google sitemaps

– Create google analytics account

– Set up analytics and sitemap code