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Email Marketing Basingstoke – to enable increased click through’s on Email Marketing Campaign’s

Fresco Creative offer dedicated, professional e-marketing solutions for businesses large and small across the UK and globally. Our offering is custom bespoke and in ensuring our customers get the level of service their business requires, we adapt Email Marketing campaigns to fit and suit the nature of their business.

Email Marketing Company Basingstoke

Serving Basingstoke, our offering spans serving the requirements of direct clients, agencies and offering full Email Marketing support for Ecommerce websites which can be run within the CRM / CMS. The software our service runs from allows our customers to manage, deliver, track, report and analyse their email marketing campaigns in a straightforward, effective way. We value this with great importance as a means to helping our customers make the most of Email Marketing as a means to upsell to current customers and try to sell to new potential customers.

When it comes to the Email Marketing itself, we can oversee and manage ever aspect of the process. We offer consultancy, design, copywriting, testing and full reporting services. You can expect dedicated support and regular advice as to how your business can make the most of an Email Markting Campaign to reach out to generating more business.

In every campaign we undertake, you can be sure to expect a great deal of attention and time spent in making sure you are provided with a platform to convert and generate a high click through / open rate. We will make sure you will be given an email design which can not only solve your problems but create new opportunities.

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