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Identity design taking into account every aspect of you and your business

Our work is directed by the objectives and results we strive to deliver. We invest a great deal of time to understand you and what it is your business does. In all cases, we ensure we get right to the core of your brand and what it may be that makes you ‘unique’. Significant factors we have a great deal of interest in include:

From here we can work to visually represent the brand, everything it personifies in a manner relevant with the market sector and emotionally connects the brand with the correct target audience. Any successful campaign will be built on delivering what the viewers expect. In the process, this blocks out any doubt and will pave the way to building up a great deal of brand loyalty with your audience.

With each piece of design, it has to work with consistency across all formats. With each project, we strive to come up with well considered, well executed fresh ideas.

In short, we listen, we think, we design and we work exceptionally hard to ensure that every branding project is an unquestionable success. A well thought out identity design isn’t just for large multi-national companies; small businesses should benefit too. It is important for a small business to have a brand identity which their customers can instantly recognise and bestow trust in.

Your brand identity is the image you project to the world and everything must be done to make it unique, positive and memorable. Getting this wrong can be disasterous so it must be implemented correctly. Your identity is more than just a logo; it’s a representation of your business to the world so impressions are everything.

Fresco Creative will take time to develop your identity design, encompassing all the aspects of a trademark, lettermark, logotype, typeface and identity colour scheme. It is then for us to sit an learn about everything there is to know about your business and reflect this in a clear, relevant and appropriate design.

We relish the opportunity to develop identities from scratch. In all cases, it is most satisfying to deliver something unique.

Leaving no stone unturned, we consider the following with upmost importance ..

Our design approach considers all of the following details: –

– The general design style

– Colour palette

– Typographic style (fonts used)

– Photographic style

Significant factors we greatly consider include: –

– Intended target audience

– Your most direct competitors

– Industry benchmarkers / market leaders

– The market itself