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Website Copy and Website Content services in Basingstoke

There are two main types of writing found on business websites: web copy and web content. We help businesses with the copy and content and though the two are different to one another, you can be sure we can offer both formats to help add value to websites. We value this service highly as this can add significant value to the user experience when the copy / content is written and communicated to a high standard.

Serving Basingstoke, we help small and large businesses with their website copy and content in ensuring they are delivering the right wording to their target audience. From construction businesses, leisure business to other agencies and even sole traders, we have helped a great variety of businesses to ensure they are able to deliver the correct message. Within our approach, we are passionate to ensure clients websites are able to speak clearly and relevantly to great effect.

Put simply, Web Copy and Web content can be summarized by the below paragraphs:

Web Copy is the wording within the website which guides people through your site and tells them what they need to know. This is the informative use for words and helps users know what they are reading and what they need to know. This is what you read on your home page, your about page, your products and services pages as well as the other main pages dotted across your main navigation. Often this will be copy written to both guide, and sell to entice browsers to buy from you.

Web Content is subjective reading matter, a good example being blog content / blog posts. This can also include images and videos, not just text. This can often tie in with content marketing, produced for marketing purposes from the creation of your blogs and articles. This is written with the purpose of attracting new visitors to your website who you then hope to turn into customers. The key however is to ensure the content is able to add value to the visitors and be helpful in some way. Having frequently updated web content can also help your website rising up the rankings in Google.

If you are in search of Web Content and Web copy in Basingstoke , by all means fill out the form to the right with your requirements or simply call Innes Donaldson direct on 07878624798. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your Web Content and Web copy requirements.